Why should die-cutting machine pay attention to dustproof an

Why should die-cutting machine pay attention to dust prevention and cleaning and what faults should be eliminated
1. Pay attention to dust prevention and cleaning of die cutting machine
Die cutting machine produces a lot of waste paper edge and paper wool in the work. If you don't pay attention, you will enter the chain drive part, the moving platform of the die cutting part and some rotating moving parts by mistake, and block the photoelectric detection head, which will cause trouble. Therefore, we must first of all die-cutting machine body cleaning work in the first place.
2. Die cutting machine oil change and refueling
Die cutting machine must have good lubrication and high speed cooling (6000 hours / hour). We have to choose oil (such as omara 100 shell) to protect the main drive part of the die-cutting machine. In addition, there is an intermittent mechanism box (intermittent mechanism of three-way pulley) on the transmission side of the machine, in which the oil is more viscous (such as housing omara 220). After the new machine starts to run, the main transmission parts and the inter mechanism box should be replaced within three months, and then once a year. The rest of the oil is like a normal printing press.
3. Common troubleshooting of die cutting machine
1) Mechanical failure: automatic plane die-cutting machine often has the problem of mobile platform deflection, mainly foreign bodies fall into the die-cutting position. In general, first report the wedge position under the mobile shaft rod, and rotate the mobile platform to the upper limit point to monitor the relative position between the mobile platform and the upper static platform, so as to ensure equal distance between the four corners of the platform and the upper static platform (where the die cutter is clamped).
2) Electrical fault: because the central control of automatic die-cutting machine is controlled by PLC, the main detection points, electrical switches and output actions are controlled by PLC, and its internal program is ladder logic diagram. Therefore, when there is an electrical fault, the maintenance personnel must first understand the ladder logic diagram, and then find out the cause of the fault.

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