Pressure adjustment method of die cutting machine

Die cutting machine pressure adjustment method:
1. The position of the two claw blocks and the gear plate can be adjusted, the claw block moves upward, the pressure increases, and each action of the shearing claw block has one tooth, and the distance between the two surfaces changes by about 0.1 mm. Generally, there is only one tooth when the action is taken.
2. When the claw block is the last tooth in the tooth plate position, you should consider replacing the new gear and eccentricity. The following methods can be used to adjust: loosen the screw to loosen the gear eccentric adjustment plate, gear wrench to eccentric the back gear. Then note: the number of teeth on both sides must rotate equally, rotating no more than three teeth. The tooth adjustment plate, screw and claw block will be adjusted to the first tooth. Looking at the shear pressure effect, the effect is not satisfactory. You can make the adjustment. You should pay attention to that the teeth of the eccentric rotating gear should be smaller than the teeth of the first rotating gear. When the pressure on the left or right side is too low, this method can also be used, that is, small pressure can be used to adjust which side and which side of the gear is eccentric. Try to reduce the claw block and return 1-2 teeth properly.
3. When the upper and lower parts of the pressure release pad and hook type fastening plate adjustment screw block, hook type pad increase the thickness of the gasket while reducing the plate thickness of the gasket in the tone of the block, facing increasing pressure of the working surface unit; on the contrary, low pressure.

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